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3HAG HIGHLIGHT Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Donald Haché

Shannon SuskoFeb 14, 2019


Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Donald Haché


Donald Haché 3HAG

"Metronome United's 3HAG WAY has re-engaged me into executive and business coaching. It offers a predictable strategic execution system with a practical no-nonsense approach, which is what the market has been wanting for quite some time. I am very grateful to be part of this community and our clients love it!”

-Donald Haché


Donald is our second certified 3HAG Coach who began his training at 2-day certification in Denver. He has been a longtime supporter of 3HAG, by sharing Shannon's book hashtag3HAGWAY with his network at any opportunity he can. Now as a 3HAG Certified coach, Donald will be able to have an even strong impact from 3HAG in his coaching.

Congratulations Donald! Learn more about Donald's experience and expertise here


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