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3HAG HIGHLIGHT Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Ethan Martin

Shannon SuskoFeb 20, 2019


Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Ethan Martin


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"I love the impact 3HAG Way has made for my high growth, mission oriented CEO's; the valuable combination of great confidence in their strategy being differentiated along with the leadership team's ability to execute effectively." 

-Ethan Martin 


Ethan has been a huge supporter of The 3HAG WAY ever since he discovered it through Shannon. SInce, Ethan has been biting at the bit to master the 3HAG system and become a certified 3HAG Coach. We are so excited to Congratulate Ethan on completing his 3HAG Certification and becoming one of our first 3HAG Coaches!

Learn more about Ethan's experience and expertise here


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