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3HAG HIGHLIGHT Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Keith Upkes

Shannon SuskoFeb 26, 2019


Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Keith Upkes


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 Since I applied the 3HAG WAY to my coaching business, the results have been amazing. A great example is a client of mine who had a very successful exit in Q-4 2018. The CEO attributes this success to the mapping work we did when we applied the 3HAG to her business last summer."

- Keith Upkes

Keith Upkes is a Business Growth Coach and Advisory CFO for mid-sized firms and has more than 30 years of experience in business and financial management.
 He believes in the power of working as a team to discover new things together and has been an advocate for the 3HAG WAY since the day he was introduced to it. Congratulations Keith!

Learn more about Keith's experience and expertise here

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