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3HAG HIGHLIGHT Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Paul Cronin

Shannon SuskoMar 05, 2019


Newly Certified 3HAG Coach, Paul Cronin


Paul Cronin - 3HAG Headshot

 "3HAG WAY is the growth system for Coaches and CEO's who have a fire in their belly and want to put a dent in the universe. It brings so much more in the way of a clear, unique and differentiated strategy. It provides greater alignment throughout the organization for better execution"

-Paul Cronin

Paul has been following Shannon's systems since the release of book #1 - The Metronome Effect. From there, Paul has adopted Shannon's 3HAG framework and the online tool Metronome Growth Systems. Paul has attributed much of his clients success to his use of these systems and tools and is a great advocate for 3HAG WAY. Holding over 5 different coach certifications, it is clear Paul is humble and always looking for ways to grow. Congratulations Paul!

Learn more about Paul's experience and expertise here

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