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Do you have a TOXIC BOSS? 3 Actions to consider...

Shannon SuskoJul 30, 2015




When I was fresh out of school, I had the opportunity to work in a few different environments – big corporate and small private businesses. In both of these situations, I was exposed to a few Toxic Bosses. Being young, short-tempered, quick to act and certainly not wasting one minute with someone that did not respect me nor did I respect them. What do you think I did? QUIT!! Quit as fast as I knew this to be the situation. One job I had – I quit within the hour of being told by my boss that my opinion would not matter til I was at least working for the company for 10 years.  10 years!! Well that was not happening – I quit.

It's easy to quit when you are in your 20s and do not have the financial responsibilities that others do and can just walk away. I was lucky enough to be in that situation. Frankly – I always had two months of living expenses saved so I was not held “hostage” at any job.

Being such a young age – how did I know my boss was toxic? Easy. They hindered my performance and caused me undue stress.   They made me not want to get up and go to work. They made the work place not fun. I was not engaged, learning or growing. Its that simple. Do you have a Toxic Boss?

Here are 3 ACTIONS to consider if you do:

  1. QUIT – yes this sounds like a childish thing to do but I look at this in a few ways. First – why work for someone that is causing you stress and obviously does not respect you. Life is too short. Why waste your time in a job where you are not motivated to do your best because your boss is sucking the life out of you?? If you can’t just up and quit – make a plan. Start your search for a new position – where you are interviewing your boss as much as they are interviewing you. When you have found the position that suits – quit the position that does not. The key is to take action and the situation will already feel better because you are taking charge.

  2. FIND A NEW BOSS IN THE SAME COMPANY – this is not always possible as the company may only have one Boss. If this is the case revert to Option 1 or Option 3. IF there are other leaders in the company – get to know these people and informally interview them while considering any upcoming internal positions where you can change out your boss. The key is to take action and the situation will already feel better because you are taking charge.

  3. BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS – this is what I did. I was unlikely in Corporate Canada or Corporate America to find a company or boss that I could see myself working with for a long time. Instead I found a few other people who wanted the same things I did in a workplace and started a company. This is not for the faint at heart. Frankly when I stepped into this journey – I had no idea what I was in for BUT I can say one thing for sure – I did not have a TOXIC BOSS and I luved getting up and going to work everyday.

There is a lot of information out there on Toxic Bosses and how to handle them. In my gut – because my core purpose is always to ensure that myself and the people I work with are growing personally and professionally– my best advice to you is to get out of this situation as fast you can – to find a way to get into a position that will allow your engagement to be high, allowing yourself to grow both personally and professionally because that is what will keep you the healthiest. The key is to take action and the situation will already feel better because you are taking charge. Find your Best Boss today or become your own!!

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